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The patented Letovsky Dynamics' Live Cell  Viability Modification System (LCVMS) is intended to expand the catalog  of therapeutic bioactive electrical frequencies, pulses, and waveforms  available to the electromedical, electrotherapeutic, electroceutical, and the pharmaceutical industries.  

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 The LCVMS incorporates a live cell image  analysis microscope and camera system with shape recognition and target  tracking functions, that is interfaced to wideband electrical waveform  generators and transducers. The cells being imaged are maintained in an  incubator environment then transferred to an inverted microscope fitted with combination frequency generator and coil combination. Live cell samples are stimulated by non contact electromagnetic energy from DC  through deep infrared. Sensors in gentle contact with the cell samples detect  changes in the electrical activity of the cells - indicating associate molecular changes in the protein and lipid regions. These effects are corroborated by repeating the experiments in a broadband Infrared spectrometer.

The microscope is configured with an  integrated monochromator light source coupled to a phase contrast  optical train - providing sub nanometer resolution wavelengths of light  in the UV through IR range, with enhanced cellular detail compared to  typical fixed filter, fluorescent, phase contrast or DIC microscopes. It  also creates an observational environment that is dye-free and thus non  photo-toxic - allowing longer lifetimes for the cell samples being  observed.  

The LCVMS image analysis and waveform  control software  in development incorporates a database of typical in vitro cellular  mechanics behavior that is compared in real time to cellular mechanics  behavior changes that are triggered by specific known bioactive  frequencies, and frequency sweeps of the acoustic and electromagnetic  spectrums. As an electrical signal or waveform is found to "affect" a  cell’s behavior toward a specific target result, that frequency  is locked in, and subsequently modified to find new bioactive frequency  waveforms and to reduce the electrical energy required to maximize the  effect.  

The LCVMS is designed to discover  bioactive frequency waveforms to promote accelerated healing of damaged  tissues, destroy malformed cell structures, activate markers in cancer  cells to enhance immune system recognition and killing of cancers,  reactivate stem cell functionality in adult differentiated cells, and  promote the enhanced uptake of beneficial drugs, vitamin and mineral  compounds.  

 The  LCVMS is currently installed at Biotech and Beyond in Carlsbad California. We are in the process of creating collaborations with practicing Oncologists to begin working In-Vivo on animals and humans. We have shared certain of the key LCVMS frequencies with 2 other research groups who have FDA approval for In-Vivo testing. Results are expected within 2019. We have also developed toolset to apply key Bioactive frequencies to small animals and humans for leukemia and lymphoma treatments.


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